Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

" Our ERP products cater to a wide range of verticals ranging from manufacturing, healthcare, finance, tourism to retail, education, and media & Information domains. "

Enterprise Resource Planning refers to a series of software that organisations use to manage every day business activities like accounting, project management, procurement, risk management and compliance, and chain supply operations. A complete ERP series consists of an enterprise performance management software, which allows to form a plan, predict, budget, and report on an organisation's financial results.

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Why ERP ?

ERP systems link together and determine a surplus of business processes allowing the circulation of data between them. By gathering an organisation's shared transactional data from different sources, these systems cancel out the chances of data duplication and give data probity. ERP Software minimises operations and administrative costs by reducing errors, excess inventory, and duplicate tasks.

The ERP systems today, are very crucial for managing hundreds and thousands of businesses of different sizes and industries.

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What we do in ERP ?

As Enterprise Resource Planners, we transform the strategic objectives and business vision of an enterprise into an achievable layout for business and IT change processes. We make organisations initiate their Enterprise application, working closely with the business management and IT to understand the business drivers and daily operation and how this needs to be displayed in the Enterprise Architecture. We work in a collective manner with key client operating teams to understand their business better and technology challenges from which the basis of Enterprise Application can be developed. Our Enterprise products suites like HRMS, CRM, F&A can be deployed off-shelf and our ERP for manufacturing and trading solutions can be easily deployed in your enterprise with minimum customisation. We also provide custom application's development for any enterprise requirements.

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We offer implementation of ERP Solutions across a variety of industries comprising Retail, Oil&Gas, HRMS, Manufacturing, Banking, and Insurance. When the inventory data is authentic and smoothly reachable, orders get accomplished more quickly. An ERP system promotes real-time updates to sustain authentic inventory data. Thus, with the help of our ERP system, we provide faster services to our customers. An ERP system enables users to find out information on their mobile devices from anywhere and anytime. So, when our sales force is out in the field talking with customers, they can get prompt answers to their queries.

What have we done for our customers ?

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